Kitchens with Confidence is the leading full-service kitchen auditor and certified free from authority for today’s food service operations.

Food allergies and intolerances are on the rise and consumers are turning to labels for accurate information and reassurance. Food-related conditions, like Celiac disease, and food allergies are harmful, even dangerous, when the associated food is accidentally ingested. Because of this, accurate identification and disclosure of ingredients (or lack thereof) is becoming increasingly important for public health. Uncertainty can often translate to risk – And consumers want to know what is in their food now more than ever. Be a leader in the industry and take the guess work out of the equation by certifying your products and facilities today.

Kitchens with Confidence (KwC) is the food allergen leader in the USA. Launched in 2017 Kitchens with Confidence is the external accreditation/certification arm for food service establishments, College and University dining facilities. Serving great food in an accredited location will deliver confidence to those that have special dietary needs.

KwC in the past years has completed these audits at the hands and in conjunction with FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) and today takes this program and solution straight to the food service community. Already a much sought after accreditation we anticipate all those with special dietary needs will first look for accreditation prior to dining anywhere.