About Us

Kitchens with Confidence has become the external certification arm for the Top 8 food allergens and gluten.

Kitchens with Confidence™ (a wholly owned subsidiary of MenuTrinfo™, LLC) is the leading full-service kitchen auditing service and “certified free from” authority for today’s foodservice operations. After a fantastic history of food allergen kitchen audits in conjunction with FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education), Kitchens with Confidence took on a life of its own to better serve the foodservice community and those with special dietary needs.

Officially launched in 2017, Kitchens with Confidence has become the external certification arm for the Top 8 food allergens and gluten. Backed by the ANSI-accredited allergen training leader in the industry, AllerTrain, Kitchens with Confidence is guaranteed to take your establishments’ allergen expertise to the next level.

Let Kitchens with Confidence help you to provide the best possible dining experience for those with food allergies, food sensitivities and intolerances, and guests who are eating gluten-free. The Kitchens with Confidence auditors can assist and advise you every step of the way – from reviewing purchasing and receiving, all the way to serving your guests at the table. These trained auditors can help you become a top shelf food service establishment with increased allergy awareness.

In the hospitality industry, we know that establishing rapport with your guests and feeling confident in your knowledge and processes is crucial when handling special dietary requests! Guests who require special food accommodations take a risk each time they eat a meal that someone else is preparing. Celiac disease and food allergies can be dangerous or deadly when an offending food is accidentally served, and guests are declaring food sensitivities and food intolerances now more than ever!

Every day, consumers are looking to those who make and serve their food for accurate information and reassurance. Our mission is to bridge the gap between today’s diners and todays foodservice workers to inspire a greater level of confidence!

Kitchens with Confidence offers full-service kitchen audits and consulting in order to ensure a safer dining experience for those in your establishment who require special dietary accommodations.

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