Food Allergy Consulting

Allergy Consulting, Policy Development, or other Food Allergy Expertise:

Does your kitchen have an allergen safety net? Uncertainty can often translate to risk – And consumers want to know what is in their food now more than ever!

Don’t have a dedicated establishment or a dedicated prep or storage space? Need some peace-of-mind to reassure you that your procedures are on par with best practices?  Suffered multiple food allergic occurrences and/or unintentional cross contact with allergens? Get Kitchens with Confidence Consulting!

Our consulting services may consist of an on-site audit and recommendations for improvement, and/or personal assistance in generating standard operating procedures for allergen control. Our team will work with you to provide recommendations and support specific  to your establishment’s needs.

When dealing with the Top 8 food allergens and gluten, Kitchens with Confidence is the industry leader for providing that reassurance that is so crucial to the success of your establishment, and trust of your guests. Our auditors can provide a second set of eyes by visiting your site to verify that sufficient procedures and policies are in place to minimize cross-contact in your shared preparation areas.

Following the completion of your consultative audit, your establishment will be provided with the auditor’s findings and suggestions for improvement. You can use this report as a snapshot into the success of your current food allergy protocol and as a benchmark strategy for measuring your future success. You can also use the process and report as legal proof of attempt and due diligence to safely serve those with special dietary needs.

We can work with your establishment to make sure that all of the allergen food safety boxes are checked  and ensure that your day-to-day procedures and processes reinforce and support your policies. Don’t have a current policy or standard operating procedures for handling special dietary requests? We can help with that too!

 “Greatly appreciate all of your efforts on the Club’s behalf. You’ve helped us resolve a huge issue and given us a solid foundation to move forward. Many thanks.”

-Joseph F. Basso

General Manager & COO

Birmingham Country Club