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Be a leader in the industry and take the guess work out of the equation by certifying your facility today!

Do you have a dedicated kitchen, station, prep area, pantry, or other dedicated space that allows you and your staff to accommodate those with special dietary needs? Get the Kitchens with Confidence Certification!

KwC’s Seal to indicate a location or brand has been through accreditation

Kitchens with Confidence makes every effort to ensure improved access to allergen and gluten-free options by recognizing and providing certifications to establishments that have gone above and beyond.

Many of today’s establishments are “free from” one or more of the big 8 allergens and now there is a national standardized way to share that “free from” status with the world by using Kitchens with Confidence’s “Certified Free From” seal and certification.

After working with an auditor you’ll have the tools to monitor, identify, and control allergens and gluten within your menu and ingredient lists. Our kitchen audits will provide “best in class” plans, policies and procedures for serving those with special dietary needs. Upon successful completion of an audit, Kitchens with Confidence will certify that your facilities are free from Gluten, Peanuts, Tree-nuts, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Milk and Wheat – based on the program you select.

Certified Free From logos signify quality and give customers confidence that your efforts have been verified by food and nutrition experts and held to the highest standards. Take the work out of label reading and let consumers know that you are on their side and have done the checking for them!

 “We’ve had great allergy training, but to take it to that next step and make an all you care to eat gluten-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free dining hall…I think that’s pretty special”

-Kevin T. Grant

Chef Manager – Risley Dining Hall/Cornell Dining

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