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What is a Food Allergy and Gluten-Free Audit?


A hands-on review and analysis of your food service operation from loading dock to table top.


Get Allergen Audits! Let Kitchens with Confidence help you provide the best possible dining experience for those with food allergies,  food sensitivities/intolerances and guests eating gluten-free. The Kitchens with Confidence auditors can assist and advise you every step of the way–from reviewing your ordering and receiving food protocol all the way to serving straight to the table. These trained auditors can help you become a top shelf food service establishment and increase your awareness of food allergies.

After working with an auditor you’ll have the tools to monitor, identify and control allergens and gluten within your menu and ingredient lists. Our kitchen audits will provide and educate “best in class” plans, policies and procedures for serving those with special dietary needs.

The Allergen Audits review and analyze the commercial kitchen to ensure diners with special dietary needs are being met with knowledge and confidence.

Does your kitchen have a safety net?


Allergen Audits-Review and analysis will cover:

  • Potential Cross-Contact issues from loading dock to table
  • Ordering and storage process
  • Substitution and recall procedures for your commercial kitchen
  • Policy, procedure, plan, and process for optimal Special dietary needs success
  • Complete suggested standard operation procedures from “loading dock to table top”
  • Required posters and statements as current with the laws in your state, city, and county
  • Food flow for all possible fail points along the way
  • Review and written report delivered upon completion of audit
  • Legal proof of attempt and due diligence to safely serve those with special dietary needs
  • Suggested food allergen training, gluten-free training and needed follow up for success




Following the completion of your Allergen Kitchen Audit, you will be given a written report of auditor findings with suggestions for improvement. You can use this report as a snapshot into the success of your current food allergy protocol and as a benchmark strategy for measuring your future success. You can also use the process and report of legal proof of attempt and due diligence to safely serve those with special dietary needs.