Our Partners

AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo, LLC

Training the staff is a priority and of the utmost importance at both kitchen and manufacturing facilities.  To complete both food allergy and gluten free training that is needed and required for certification Kitchens with Confidence turns to AllerTrain Suite of Classes.  Being able to meet the needs of the class room training for both food service operations as well as manufacturing plants.   AllerTrain is the Nations #1 training program and the gold standard available today.



MenuTrinfo, LLC

MenuTrinfo is Kitchens with Confidence’s choice to certify menus as being free from the allergens and certified gluten free.  Using a staff of culinary nutritionists those at MenuTrinfo review each and every ingredient and item in the kitchens or manufacturing plant to be in play for the accreditation to take place.  Once all the products are approved then the audit and certified free from next steps can take place.










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