From Loading Dock to Table Top Food Allergy Safety ~Restaurant Seal of Approval


Kitchens with Confidence has the solution for restaurant brands with multiple locations looking to have their process, plans and protocol reviewed to assist in achieving food allergy safety and gluten free success. After completion take that review and approval to the next level by sharing your success with the public. In most locations it is not only possible but can be done well to cater to the diner with special dietary needs.  

GOLD Kitchens with Confidence

Seal of Approval includes:

Complete a full review of policies, procedures, and plans for handling and serving those with food allergies and gluten free menu items. This approval standard mandates a yearly review and visit.

47 point check within the policy

26 point check within the procedure

26 point check within the plans

Review of all ingredients, manufactures and menu items

Allergen and GF Training for staff

AllerTrain for food managers

AllerTrain Lite for food handlers

In addition to yearly visits to corporate headquarters to review and approve processes at least quarterly, your locations will be visited by one of our trained auditors to review compliance.  We make sure all pollicies and procedures are followed as set forth by corporate to be reviewed and approved by Kitchens with Confidence.