The locations listed here have been audited, reviewed and certified by Kitchens with Confidence for food allergens.  Kitchens with Confidence certify that the locations/areas listed here have passed a rigorous audit on methods, practices, standards, policies, and understanding to serve those with special dietary needs. Specifically the food allergic person.

These include allergen and gluten-free campuses. They have areas and/or dedicated facilities to serve those with special dietary needs such as possibly free from peanuts, tree nuts, or gluten, or from all of the Big 8 allergens plus gluten.  See the food service location, personnel or staff to be directed to these areas.

The certification is the result of great lengths MenuTrinfo®, (the parent company of KwC) goes through to seek ISO 17065 status, which means that the certification carries with it an oversight unlike any in the marketplace today. More than a verify, check, or oversight and more robust than a self-audit, our certification comes with depth and weight to all food-allergic consumers while supporting the foodservice community. 

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Find out how your college, university, restaurant, camp and day care can be added to our growing list of “Certified Free From™” locations in the US and Canada. More added all the time.