While many food service establishments may actually be “free from” one or more of the Big 8 Food Allergens, to date there has been no way for a consumer to verify or trust the consistency of one or another.

Now there is a national, recognized and standardized way to identify that certification status with the trademarked Kitchens with Confidence (KwC) seal and certification.

Upon successful completion of an allergen audit, KwC will certify that your products or facilities are free from Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Milk and/or Wheat (based on the program you select).

Your use of the seal will proudly and clearly convey to customers that you offer certified allergy-free foods. The Certified Gluten Free audit tests only for Gluten, and may be conducted separately or in conjunction with an audit if the client would like.

KwC seals for manufacturers are available after successful audits covering over 80 check points regarding storage, suppliers, cross-contact, labeling, sanitation protocols and training; for kitchens after covering over 150 check points including potential cross-contact hot-spots, ordering, receiving, back-of-the-house, front-of-the-house, staff training, and more. Additionally, testing for the Big 8 Food Allergens must show no trace parts per million (ppm) of any of each of the food allergens the client is seeking certification for. “Certified Gluten Free” certifications must pass audits with additional testing for gluten that does not exceed 10ppm gluten.

We make every effort to ensure improved access to allergen and gluten-free options by providing certifications for your products. KwC’s logos signify quality and give customers confidence that your products have been verified by independent food and nutrition experts and held to the highest standards. Take the work out of label reading and let consumers know that you are on their side and have done the due diligence for them.

Certified Gluten Free by KwC™
Gluten-Free Certification is also available at the same time. Kitchens with Confidence Certified Gluten-Free Seals are available in 3 colors to coordinate with your branding and are also trademarked.

Any use of trademarked Kitchens with Confidence Certification or Certified Gluten Free Seals is prohibited without approved certification by Kitchens with Confidence by MenuTrinfo, LLC.

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