Cornell University

“Working with Kitchens with Confidence has been a dream.  When it came time to look for a certifying company, KWC was new and it was a perfect fit for us, especially as we already used Allertrain and had a great relationship with Betsy through Menutrinfo.   I wish we had looked to partner with KWC sooner, as it makes finding new, safe ingredients a breeze. I used to spend so many hours doing research on my own: contacting companies and going through recipes, menus and ingredients, but now I just contact Ally and she usually gets back to me within the day, if not within the hour. For our first certification, Betsy came down personally to go through our facility and made the whole process very easy, because Betsy and her team are highly organized and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend KWC to anyone who is seeking certification of freedom from specific allergens. They have all the tools in place to help guide and coach your team, and when after being certified, you can truly be sure you are serving the safest food possible!!!”

Kevin Grant, Cornell Dining

“Culinary Services at Michigan State University first connected with Betsy and her team for AllerTrain™ in 2015. As our numbers continued to increase for those with dietary restrictions, and we decided to go that extra mile for the guest with a “Certified Free From™” dining hall, there wasn’t a question of who we would work with as we knew Kitchens with Confidence would deliver. In developing and opening Thrive, our dining hall “Certified Free From™” the top 8 plus gluten, KwC was there all along the way giving support, quick responses and guidance to the process. We were able to open with full confidence of our procedures and protocols. The impact of this all you care to eat dining hall on our students, faculty and staff, and the community surpassed all expectations, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the experience, knowledge and assistance from KwC.”

Gina Keilen, Michigan State University

Brookie's Cookies

“We first contacted Kitchens with Confidence because we wanted to give our clients 100% assurance that our products were safe for those with nut allergies. Brookie’s Cookies NYC receives many requests for nut-free treats, especially for children, and although we are selective with our ingredients, we wanted to give parents and those with nut allergies peace of mind when choosing products. After meeting with members of Kitchens with Confidence and completing the rigorous but simple testing process, we were ecstatic to receive their stamp of approval! Since working with Kitchens with Confidence, we now feel confident that our products meet the highest safety standards. We would absolutely recommend Kitchens with Confidence to others seeking certification. Everyone we’ve worked with is responsive to our needs and we could not have asked for an easier experience. Thank you, Kitchens with Confidence!”

Beth Maranville, Brookie’s Cookies

Carnegie Mellon University Dining Services

“In 2017, [we] opened Nourish, an allergen-friendly kitchen, featuring a menu prepared without gluten, wheat, milk, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut). Our partnership with Kitchens with Confidence (KWC) began during the planning phase for Nourish, a commissary style-kitchen dedicated to producing grab-and-go items for sale at retail locations around campus, as well as a diverse menu of salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and desserts available through online ordering. We learned about [KWC] through industry resources and recognized right away that KWC’s years of expertise in the realm of special dietary needs would help take our allergen program to the next level by delivering a rigorous and thorough kitchen audit. As an objective third-party auditor, KWC helps us ensure that we are safeguarding ingredients through every step of the food handling process. During our first year of operation, we have received exceptional support and customer service from the KWC team.”

Jesica Tones, Carnegie Mellon University

Allies Gluten Free

“We here at Allie’s GF Goodies, LLC are HUGE fans of Kitchens with Confidence! I credit the folks at Kitchens with Confidence for truly knowing their stuff about food allergens, but also for recognizing when others do as well. They are not shy about giving others kudos for their input and knowledge of particulars and are always quick to encourage sharing amongst peers. The main goal of Kitchens with Confidence is to educate the food Industry and the public about food allergies and Celiac disease so that together we can keep one another and the public safe. I applaud their efforts wholeheartedly not just as a business owner but as the parent of two celiac kids and a Celiac sufferer myself. This is an amazing organization.”

Allison Luckman, Allie’s GF Goodies

College of the Holy Cross

“I wanted an audit done to see how efficient our allergy program was. We are now confident in our nut-free certification and the students are very thankful that they have a place to go that is safe from nuts. We were also able to get an audit of all of our allergy policies and procedures and that really helped to find out what we needed to improve on. I would recommend your Kitchens with Confidence services to others who are looking for any type of a certification.”

Alyssa Pitman, The College of the Holy Cross